World Of Flying Covers Aviation From A Pilot

Veteran aviation writer Dan Pimentel continues to grow his presence in the ?blogosphere? with his aviation blog Av8rdan?s World of Flying, which takes a lighthearted look at general aviation, business/corporate flying, the pilot community and the commercial airlines.

Pimentel has been a freelance aviation writer since 1979, and has been published regularly in AOPA Pilot, Inflight Aviation News and many other local and national publications. He has been blogging as ?Av8rdan? for about three years, and continues to gain worldwide readership on a regular basis.

?My writing style has been called ?Dave Berry meets Herb Caen?,? says Pimentel, ?and with all the heavy issues facing aviation today, my readers seem to enjoy a lighter look at the day?s aviation news.?
Pimentel uses a variety of sources each day to track down and comment on aviation stories that are often outside the realm of what the mainstream media is reporting. ?It?s been said that my writing often is a carbon copy of what we are all privately thinking about a particular issue,? Pimentel said. ?I take pride in posting something every day that gives my readers a brief respite from their hectic day. If I can make the chuckle for fifteen seconds, I have done my job well.?

Topics found recently on World of Flying include a look at how the FAA’s announced inspections of U.S. carriers could miss ninety percent of possible safety violations, a story about taking a young woman up for her first ride in a general aviation airplane, and a left-leaning look at how aviation fuel is now topping $8.00 a gallon thanks to the Bush Administration.

Pimentel is a private pilot with 300 VFR hours, and flys a 1964 Piper Cherokee 235. He owns an aviation advertising agency that specializes in national aviation clients, a career that allows him to stay on top of many breaking aviation stories.