Where to Stay When You Travel to Shanghai

The magical St. Regis Hotel in Shanghai, China is a newer five star hotel that will provide you with the best and remarkable personal service that you will remember. You also will enjoy the benefits of the highly professional St. Regis butler. We make sure that our highly trained and professional staff will provide you with every service and amount of pampering that you require.

From the windows of our 380 room hotel of luxury, you will be able to be amazed at the lovely views of the city of Shanghai. You will notice that our elegant suites are decorated in a fashion that is most tasteful and elegant. We also think that you will greatly appreciate the stylish furniture and amenities of your room. We are confident that you will feel like you are almost at home.

This hotel has a great location that is right in the central area of busy Pudong. YOu will find this is a great place to be for business because there are all sorts of culture and important business parts of this area. You will find that you have very convenient access to the major highways and tunnels of the city of Shanghai. You will be pleased to learn that you can do a drive to the town of Puxi in 25 minutes. You can get to the World Expo of Shanghai in 18 minutes. We always find that it is very convenient and of great help for business professionals to be near these important places of commerce. This is an enormous city, and you do not want to commute more than you need to.

The place you are staying is near the city’s government offices and centers of culture. The hotel of St. Regis was noted to be a top business hotel by a top business magazine in 2004. It also was noted to be a top business hotel in 2002 by a major Chinese magazine. Another magazine focusing on leisure said it is one of the top hotels on the planet. It also has been called one of Asia’s top 25 hotels.

The Italian restaurant in this hotel is very famous. Overall we are very happy with all of the awards the St. Regis has received. It is a true reflection of the quality of this great venue. You will enjoy some of the many amenities we have to offer here. You will enjoy our executive retreat options, with ten rooms being able to hold 10 to 410 people. You will love the Danieli’s Italian restaurant with the ultimate selections of delicious Italian delicacies. We also have a full fitness center at the hotel and there are dozens of pieces of exercise equipment and aerobics classes as well that you can use.

We also have a heated lap pool at the St. Regis in Shanghai, and child care services are available. The St. Regis spa has wonderful hot stone massages, a lovely whirlpool, saunas and also an in room massage option. Also, we have three tennis courts that you can use whenever you like. We think that you will really love your stay at the St. Regis in Shanghai, because we offer the 5 star amenities that discerning customers value the most. No matter what it is that you require when you stay here with us, we will do everything we can to make you happy and satisfy your needs.