Transportation And Leisure in Reading

The town of Reading is among the hotspots for tourists in the historical county of Berkshire. Millions of people from across the world visit Berkshire every year in order to spend their vacation or to take a short break out of their busy lives. Most of the tourists and travelers prefer to stay in the town of Reading due to its facilities and economical living. Transfer facilities in Reading to and from Stansted, Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow, London City and all other major airports are easily accessible and manageable. If you are traveling from another part of the world through airplane, you can make online taxi booking prior to your arrival for avoiding inconvenience at the airport. Hiring an online transfer service frees you from the worry of getting to your destination after landing at the airport.

The large town of Reading offers all types of ground transportation facilities that include Reading private car hire, car rentals, taxi hire, vans, buses and trains. The transport companies in Reading offer special packages designed for the convenience of travelers. They offer various packages from exquisite corporate limousines to budget concerned. If you are unfamiliar with the roads and directions of Reading, hiring a private taxi is the best choice for you. A private taxi frees you from the trouble of directions and saves your time. Shopping facilities in Reading range from small specialist shops to huge shopping malls. The Broad Street Mall and Oracle Mall are the two noticeable malls in the town of Reading. These two shopping malls offer just about anything for shopping lovers and people from suburban areas of Reading and from the nearby villages visit these shopping malls for getting the best out of their shopping.

There are many travel desks and offices located in the Broad Street Mall and Oracle Mall that offer highly economical and cost efficient Reading cab booking services. Aside from shopping and travel facilities, the town offers a large number of recreational and leisure places including some of the county’s best restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. The town of Reading is located in the picturesque Thames Valley and features rich culture and history. There are many historical places of international fame and significance. The Abbey, The Bucklebury Farms Park, Some Historical Medieval Churches, Forbury Gardens, Georgian Buildings and many more places of national importance are found in Reading. The town also houses the country offices of two IT giants that include Microsoft and Saga.

It houses two major universities of the country. The University of Reading and Thames Valley University have worldwide importance and many students from across the country and globe come to study at these two universities. The town has great picturesque and enchanting views that please visitors and compel them to come again and again. People love to walk alongside the Rivers of Kennet and Thames. The swans that gather near Caversham Bridge give a great and pleasing view to the pedestrians walking across the bridge. CrossCab is one of the leading online taxi booking companies of UK. They have a large network of cabs that serves in all the major cities of UK including Reading. CrossCab Reading Taxis offer the best taxi services in the town of Reading. They also offer exclusive airport transfer services in Reading to and from Gatwick, Heathrow, London City, Luton, Stansted and all other major airports of UK.