Tours in Paris

Want to explore the insider’s Paris? Try a custom-tailored tour that will suit any type of interest, from market visits to photography to history and more. There are also out-of-the-ordinary tours in Paris-why not see the city on a Segway or roar out to Versailles on a Vespa?

1. This tour of Paris is for the adventure lover. Screaming up the Champs Elysees and around the Arc de Triomphe on a Vespa is something you surely won’t forget. Ride a Vespa on your own, double up with a friend or, if you do not have scooter-driving experience, ride on the back with a guide. Left Bank Scooters has brand-new Vespas, with vintage styling, and the tour will start from your hotel. (If you opt for a rental without a tour, the scooter will be brought to you.)

2. The Segway tour is a crowd-pleaser, especially for girls of any age, who love this unique way of seeing central Paris. Anyone can learn how to use a Segway, and the vehicle is particularly helpful for those who can’t walk around for hours. These tours consistently get rave reviews. The same company also conducts terrific bike tours of Paris.

3. Fat Tire bike tours are one of the top ways to see Paris. Simply put, Fat Tire is the best bike place in town, with knowledgeable and, as one might say, adorable guides. It’s hard to think of a better way to get a feel for Paris and soak in the gorgeous architecture and history, and work off those pastries while doing so. Fat Tire’s trip to Versailles by bike is divine!

4. What could be more perfect than having a woman named Paris as your personal guide to Paris? For trips ranging from three to seven days, this resident Paris expert, the aptly named Paris, can create a personalized itinerary just for you, whether you are traveling solo or with a group of girlfriends, your family or that special amour. If you want to take all the work out of planning the perfect trip, Paris can create one for you. She’ll act as your guide each and every day. A docent at Notre Dame, she can go behind the scenes and is adept at handling the most difficult or unusual situations. Lunch is included daily, as is metro transport and venue admission.

5. Rachel Kaplan has 60 different tour guides who can take you on any kind of tour you can imagine. If you can dream it up, Rachel can make it happen-from renewing your wedding vows to going on the Marie Antoinette tour, from architecture walks to chauffeur-driven VIP shopping sprees. She can take you out to Versailles, Omaha beach, Chartres or Reims for champagne tasting. She also plans weddings in Paris and recently did one at the opera house. And if your travels take you beyond Paris, Rachel covers all of Europe and can set you up no matter where you go.


Doni Belau is the owner and editor of the Girls’ Guide to Paris, a travel website and blog written by Parisian residents and insiders covering everything from fashion to culture to foodie faves in the city of light.