Top Budget Destinations to Visit in 2012

This year, it’s all about taking a step back and enjoying life a little. With such little time on your hands, it’s inevitable that when you book your journey – you should look into options and travel somewhere new and exciting. 2012 is the perfect stepping stone when it comes to adventurous travel. While Italy, France, and the US are popular destinations, why not try something more exotic? You may even be introduced to exciting wildlife, diverse cultures and maybe even learn a language spoken by only a few people in the world.


Situated in southern Asia, Nepal is a hidden gem many tourists have just recently discovered. If you like the outdoors, you will enjoy a lot of hiking and backpacking opportunities. If you’re not afraid of rugged terrains you will find old historical temples, ancient architecture and above all break-taking views such as the Vishnu Shrine. If you’re more adventurous you can find avenues to go mountain biking, white-water rafting and much more. Culture, adventure and a lot of action is just a small fraction of what you can experience in Nepal.


Jordan is a destination which will amaze you with its vast range of historical significance and natural wonders such as the phenomenon of the Dead Sea where you don’t sink but instead just float above water. But it doesn’t stop there – the desert also offers its attractions including a visit to the medieval desert castles. In Um er Rasas do not forget to visit the world-renowned mosaic floors of St Stephen which happen to be a UNESCO World Heritage too. World famous Petra also offers a gem in this Middle Eastern world. This city was carved BC in solid rock and its beauty is also surrounded by mystery. The mighty Jordan River is also not to be missed with its beautiful banks, where according to ancient history Jesus Christ was baptized.

Republic of Congo:

Situated in west central Africa, the Republic of Congo is an unusual destination which offers even more undiscovered wonders. Sitting right on the Equator, this French speaking country is the perfect place to discover wildlife through safaris and you can even trek through the mysterious Congo jungle. Who knows? You may even discover rare gorillas in their natural habitat. Visit Basilique Sainte-Anne for a sensational modern church – a one of a kind church built in 1949. There are other great local destinations too such as Palais du Peuple and Cathedrale Sacre-Coeur and much more! Enter a world of undiscovered beauty in Congo.