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Visitors just get delighted when they enter this amazing city, you must have seen many dhows in other areas but dhow cruise is the heart of Dubai, you get to know about the real romance and its exceptionality. Early dhows were made of shell and of different sizes. Dhow is a traditional wooden sailboat, its name is derived from the Persian term ‘Dawh” which means sailing boat, it was used for transportation, pearl diving and trading traditionally. It is so iconic for the UAE that the famous luxury Dubai Hotel Burj Al Arab was built in the shape of the sail of a Dhow.

In the old days these boats were the traditional boat building template for this area of the Arabian peninsula. These boats are famous because they were used for traditional racing. They were crewed by younger teams of UAE nationals, and they raced for massive prize money at stake, exceptional sailing skills were required and those skills were typically transferred through generations of forefathers. The sails are proportionally very big that is why the boats could be seen from a very long distance. These huge triangular sails called lateens are the distinguishing feature of the dhows. The tradition of the Dhow racing is still alive and those distinguishing sails are still being made. Racing on boats have become popular among industry, sports sails are being made, the prize money is in millions and thus companies sponsoring the Dhows want the best boat so in order to win the shield.

They were originally and traditionally were made out of Teak but now sometimes fiberglass and steel is used in specific places on the ship to enhance its sea faring properties. Although they are still mainly made from Teak and painting the teak is not allowed only varnish. One Dhow costs around 130,000 USD to build, in the old days the dhows were made without any machinery and stitching but now a days specialized machinery is used high standard manufacturing practices are used as the technology is advancing so things are changes according to the styles and requirements, as it’s now no more than a boat it is known as Dhow Cruise Dubai.

Sailing is an integral part of the UAE culture, it’s taught to the young with pride, and it was the life blood of this region because they mainly depended on trading in the old days. In a lot of places the Dhows are still made using the traditional methods without the help of latest technology, they are preserving the ways of their forefathers. They are so expert that they build the Dhows without any blueprints and without any advanced cutting and measuring tools.

Other creative uses of the Dhow are for Dubai Desert Safari and other activities. Tourists really enjoy cruising in the Dhows and having a romantic dinner in an on board restaurant on a Dhow at night, the lighting effects of the surrounding skyscrapers in the Sea add to the beauty of the night and hence the pleasure of dining at one of these Dhows. Dubai is full of surprises, you should also try ice skating in Galleria shopping mall. You will see prominent buildings that are highly decorated with bright lights at night which makes this city more beautiful. It is the premier destination for the travelers and for those who love to explore business in Arab culture.