Options For A Private Jet

Using a private jet brings connotations of exclusivity and luxury. However, with a top price of five million dollars (and that for a small jet) for private jet ownership is expensive. That makes all the exclusive jet characteristics honest and deserved. However, there are options for a private jet that can get them the benefits, sometimes better benefits, of full ownership.

One option is to buy a card. These cards come in two styles, fractional cards or charter cards. Cards with a purchase a fractional card comes with a set number of hours on a card, and can fly in any jet in the company’s fleet. With these cards there are additional fees above the hour flown like fuel and sometimes a surcharge. The charter cards are a system which provides an opening account balance on the card and the flight time is charged to the card at a price per hour. This option is nice because one is not confined to a single plane but to an entire fleet to choose from, compared to the outright jet owner where they are limited to the aircraft which they own.

A second option is to rent a jet just for single use. This is a great option if usage is infrequent and the jets are not required to be on order. Also, if the knowledge of jet aircraft is low, the rental company can decide which aircraft and personnel to use for that particular flight.

Options are good because the property is expensive to possess no matter what how rich. Besides the original shock of the sticker (the jets ranging from $ 5 million to $ 40 million), there are maintenance fees, the cost of the hangar, insurance, taxes, fuel costs, airport fees, and pilot salaries. The buyers of these planes do not often hold them for long periods, unless they can be carried out under an umbrella of the company. It is more likely to see a CEO from publicly traded company in a private jet, than it is seeing a self-made businessman owning a jet. That’s because an officer of the company can see the jet as a benefit of employment, the self-made man would see the expense as money coming out of his pocket.