NY City Limos How Much Should You Tip the Limo Driver?

When hiring New York City limousine services, there’s some awkwardness involved when the time comes to tip the driver. You can get rid of the awkwardness by researching prior to the big day. But first, it’s important that you know how to choose the rental company you will be working with as this could impact on the type of driver you will have. When you make your search, you have to use all tools at your disposal. You have the phone directory, the Internet, your mobile phone and your friends and relatives so you can find three to five companies in your shortlist.

What to look for?

You want a company to have a versatile and large fleet. A company with a small fleet might overbook and your schedules may overlap, which may result to you having no car at all for the prom service of your child. Look for companies with the track record in sponsoring not just weddings and proms but also corporate events. Executives and CEO generally have higher standards compared to your typical couple, so when the limo rental in New York City is able to meet those standards then you are good to go. How long does the company have been in the business? If it’s long enough, surely you can find somebody who has experiences with its service and solicit their inputs.

How much is the tip?

With that out of the way, the main question is how to tip the driver. The common rate is 18-20{ed23bdc34f62f55b428e9c9e667cd0bfdea5ba33b660acb5e787e44d5ac92ba3} of the total bill. But if the service of limo rental in New York City is more than satisfactory, then you can increase the tip 25-30{ed23bdc34f62f55b428e9c9e667cd0bfdea5ba33b660acb5e787e44d5ac92ba3} to show your appreciation. A $100 tip can go a long way to extending goodwill with the driver. For prom services, the passengers can pool their money of at least $5-10 each to be given to the chauffeur. Some clients do give a $20 tip. Don’t be like them.

Common sense

Other than the standard rate, it’s incumbent upon you as a human being to treat the driver with respect and compassion. You don’t treat him as a hired help and that’s why the $20 tip is considered an insult. It’s not uncommon for drivers to refuse that small gratuity because it is extremely patronizing. Dealing with New York City limousine services just takes a lot of common sense and smarts. When you do that, you won’t have any problems throughout the whole process.