Norwich Shopping and Accommodation

Norwich is one of the vibrant cities in UK. There are lots of things to do and lots of sights to see. It offers something for everyone ranging from world-class architecture buildings, museums, monuments and parks to gardens, great restaurants, cafes, hotels, great shopping areas and vibrant nightlife.

Norwich Hotels and accommodations

There are plenty of hotels and hostels in this city according to your budget. Some of the famous Newcastle hotels are:

Norwich nightlife

The city has so many exiting points for hangouts. The city is on the floors after dark. You can see lots of bars, casinos, clubs, and discos in every street. Newcastle has vibrant, active and lively nightlife.

Norwich shopping

No trip can be perfect without shopping. Norwich has lot for your shopping purpose. You can have a great time in shopping centers, malls, markets, special shops and stalls in the city.

Newcastle to Paris by Eurostar

You can explore European destinations from Newcastle. You can travel to Europe by rail, by ship and by plane. Trains are the best option to explore the beauty of countryside in Europe. i would suggest you to hope on the Eurostar connecting train from Newcastle to London’s St Pancras International train station and then From London to Paris by high-speed Eurostar train.