Lanzarote Holidays

Do you want to discover the scenic beauty of a quiet, calm and a thinly-populated place? Then Lanzarote Island is the right place for you. Declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, this one is a pretty powerful incentive for tourists who want to relax in the lap of nature and take a break far away from the monotonous routine of their hectic urban lives. Lanzarote Island nestles in the lap of Canary Islands, 79 miles away from Africa. This place is a hub of natural diversity and shares its beauty and uniqueness with other islands that are part of the Canary Islands Archipelago.

The exquisite natural beauty of the Lanzarote Islands attracts visitors because of its stunning beaches under the sun. Being idle is one of the best ways of spending time in Lanzarote – further facilitated by the beach bars, coffee shops and eating venues. You may also like to explore the volcanic tunnels here and visit some of the most fascinating works rendered by nature. One of the most popular volcanic tunnels is the Cueva de los Verdes volcano in Lanzarote, which has been protected by the locals of the area for hundreds of years and has recently been opened to the public. The other volcano that you should visit is the Atlantida Tunnel, which is the longest Volcanic Tunnel in the world.

The famous Cactus Garden of Lanzarote lies near the north of the island in Guatiza. It is one of the most popular places of interest in Lanzarote, and is definitely worth a visit. This rare garden is one of its kind and would give you a different kind of experience altogether. The other places to visit in Lanzarote are the Canary Cetacean Museum, the Ethnographic Museum Tanit, the El Grifo Wine Museum and the Museum of Canarian Emigrants, which show the tourists the true picture of Lanzarote. The Monument of the Farmer and El Mirador del Rio complement the attractions that are an example of the ingenious work of man. Among nature’s gifts to this island, the most remarkable ones are the Water Caverns or Los Jameos del Agua, the Green Caves of Lanzarote or Cueva de los Verdes, and the El Golfo.

If you are lucky enough to take a trip when the year starts off, you are in for the two major carnivals, namely the Arrecife Carnival and the Puerto del Carmen Carnival held here. These festivals are magnificent, magnanimous and something you would not witness anywhere else in the world. The International Jazz Festival, which is an event hosted by the entire archipelago, is also held in Lanzarote. Pack your bags and plan a trip to this beautiful island. It is definitely one of its kinds and you would remember this holiday for years to come.