Installing a Caravan Site in Cambridge

A Caravan Site in Cambridge deserves an appropriate place for installation. It has to be at a convincing site for the very sake of enjoyment. Would Peterhouse, The first ever college founded under the University of Cambridge do?

That would be disastrous, for all the students would be petrified. The very sight of it would make them uncomfortable. The last thing they would want is their campus being turned into some picnic spot! They would find it loathsome and desist it immediately.

Would River Cam be the right place? Well, for those knowing the river from closer quarters can account for one fact. Punting supersedes Camping in Cambridgeshire as the more popular activity. So far, nobody has ever conceived the idea of setting up a Caravan Site in Cambridge at this spot.

How about the Cambridge Leisure Park? Would a Caravan Site in Cambridge look good out there? Certainly not, for that is a complete recreational spot where people come to relax and unwind. Camping in Cambridgeshire is the least they would want.

The Cambridge Film Festival is an annual event held in the month of July. This sounds interesting. Perhaps, a tentative yet somewhat convincing Caravan Site in Cambridge can at least be pondered being found installed there.

How bizarre an idea would camping be right in front of the Police Station? Officers working inside the Cambridgeshire Constabulary would be horrified! If they snap, expect the worst. They might book you under unheard of charges and you would by all means spend a couple of nights in jail.

The Great St. Mary’s Church marks the Centre of Cambridge. Considered to be the city’s centre point, the Senate House lies to the left whereas Gonville and Caius College fall in the background. Would Camping in Cambridgeshire look good here?

Never contemplate Camping in Cambridgeshire on the Mathematical Bridge, the one connecting Queen’s College and the President’s Lodge. You will get called a pervert if you even come remotely closer to such a thought.

Then you have Trinity Street, King’s Parade, Silver Street and Quayside. All of them are bustling with people and cacophony. Would setting up a camp here look good? Hell No, for somebody is immediately going to call the cops and request them to have the clutter cleared out.

Not with so many NO’s to deal with, how does one decide where to go or head toward? Become adventurous. Try finding free space. If you feel you are bothering nobody and in turn will be bothered by nobody, set up base there. The idea is to have fun, relax, unwind and loosen up. That can be done anyhow. All you do is ensure you set up base somewhere and get the best out of it. You do not have to do anything beyond that.

At times, it is good to have fun and look forward to experiencing better things lying ahead. Unwinding becomes best when backed firmly by a well installed camp with all available facilities. This helps ensure you get to have as good a time as possible.