How to Camp

First, you should try to set stakes on the hard and flat ground, not on the edge of the liver or in dry bed of camp.Second, the tent should be out of the wind. What’s better, the tent ought to stay away from the hillside which piled in rolling stones.

Three, to avoid the tent being submerged by water when it rains, you should dig a drainage channel below the loose top line.

After knowing this, do you also want to adjust your formulation work life, and then jump into nature? While the easiest into nature way is camping. Camping trip not only keep away from busy and annoying city, but also will turn unglamorous life into interesting life. Do yo have an impulses to change a new life if you caome back from camping. What is camping? Camping does not lie in man-made buildings, such as home or resthouse, but stay over night in the open with ready preparation.

After you select the destination to prepare to camp, you ought to set stakes. Cooking stakes should face leeward, and prepare a a pot of boiled water. And then set a camps with the windward-facing to store things and tent to live. When you have set all the tens, the water also have boiled and you can cook now. On the side, remember to se a stake as toilet keeping away from water source behind the wind. We should keep safety in mind all the time. In the wild, it may occur any accident. At low elevation area, the risk is much smaller, but still must follow the basic principles of the campsite selection.

When thunderstorm days, do not set tent on the mountain top or in the sand of the clearing to avoid lightning. You can not set camps neither on river bank or in river bed, because tents will be washed away by the precipitate flood. We can enjoy charming sights on a high ridge or on the banks of stream. The ideal of camping place is wide river terraces or banks. However, when it rains cats and dogs, water in the valley will be likely suddenly surged. So we are bound to pay close attention to climate up the stream during the rainy season.