Hotels In Dubai

Dubai is a veritable magnet, the most advanced, affluent and corporate of all the emirates. The city sits on massive reserves of oil which have been believed to be the force behind its phenomenal growth, a city which was as a fishing village until 1830. Surprisingly, it?s the property and construction trade that has been consistently contributing to the emirate?s exponential growth for many years. At the centre of the world construction business, Dubai has attracted world?s attention with the completion of some inconceivable projects. The awe inspiring and beautifully made Palm Islands and ?The World? have turned many heads and the desert adventure beautifully contrasts against the impeccable beach fun and water sports as well as the incredible snow park, the Dubai Ski.

Being one of the most popular destinations, Dubai no doubt boasts some of the finest hotels in the world. The sail shaped Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world epitomizes luxury and style besides being a tribute to the city?s cultural heritage. Recently inaugurated Atlantis, the Palm allures travellers with its dazzling and imaginative world of water themed amusement and open-aired marine habitat. Experience the irresistible Arabian hospitality at the luxurious Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa located at the Jumeirah Beach. The stunningly opulent, Hilton Dubai Creek offers amazing views of the traditional Arabian Dhow trading harbor and the remarkable skyline of the new and old Dubai. If you want to be in the city centre, then there is no better choice that the Taj Palace Hotel world renowned for its warm hospitality, regal service, stately ambience and an assortment of delicious cuisines.

Plenteous offers are available on hotels in dubai. The city offers a number of budget hotels and self service apartments to those travelling on a shoestring budget. The service apartments and numerous guest houses are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as per the traveller?s choice and convenience. These self service apartments offer affordable luxury and privacy.

The city remains the hot favourite for the discerning leisure travellers who prefer to spend their holidays in the comfy hotels or Dubai that have been built along its white sandy coastline and offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort.