Holidays In India – Get The Memorable Holiday Experience In Nashik

If you are planning a holiday, than there are so many destinations you can look into. Select the city and get going accordingly.

Holidays are always welcomed by a person and if it comes as Holidays in India than it makes a real big difference as India is a very beautiful country and so are the cities. Nashik or Nasik is a beautiful city in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Located 180 km from Mumbai and that of 202 km from Pune in the northwest of Maharashtra, Nasik is a real place for the tourists. The city is also being referred to as the Wine Capital of India, located on the western region on the banks of Godavari. Nasik is very well-known for its picturesque visual surrounding and wonderful atmosphere, living standard, cool climate, greenery, and well-developed infrastructure. Nashik is considered to be the fastest growing city in the Maharashtra State. In Nashik you would find the unique mixture of civilization and modernization. The city is a real fun treats for the tourists as they will find the Temples, Historical Caves, Holy Rituals, Lands, Museums and many more. The temples like Shree KalaRam Mandir, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Saptshrungi Gad Vani, Shree Saptshrungi Devi, Vani, Gondeshwar Temple, Naroshankar Temple, Shree Sunder Narayan Temple, Shree Someshwar Temple, are very much famous in and around Nashik.

Apart from the temples, there are many of the other very famous tourist attractions in the Nashik city. The Coin Museum of Nashik is a must watch place where you can find Indian Currency, Articles, Photographs, Research history of Indian Currency, Replicas, Line-Drawing documents, and many more. The Caves like Sita Gumpha at the distance of 2 km from the Central Bus Stand of the city is another place to have fun who loves to see Caves. This is the place where Lord Rama’s wife Sita pondered and from where Ravana abducted Sita to Lanka. You would find five Banyan trees here and because of which this place is also known as Panchvati.

The Pandava Caves is another place to look out for which is about 2000 years old as it is said allegedly. It used to be of Pandavas in the 17th Century and thus it is known as Pandavas Caves. Another place that is very much popular among the tourists especially in India is the Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial (Smarak). Dadasaheb Phalke was the founder of the Indian Cinema and Indian Film Industry, who had gave so much to the Indian Cinema. The Memorial is a real tribute to Dadasaheb Phalke.