Hand Carved Hindu Temples

Before and after the 6th to the 10th century under the dynasty Lujia cover beginning and the dynasty of the Deccan region in the foothills Elora a crescent-shaped volcanic slope north-south, the land after the sinking of the 34 Caves This is the famous Ellora Caves. Ellora caves known to sculpture and murals famous caves of Ajanta and said that the two treasures of Indian art. Ellora Cave 16 at Ellora middle Kaila His temple, the temple is Zaokong one side of the cliff cliffs carved, they are really gods, known as “the pinnacle of Indian rock chisel temple,” “epic Boots Sale

Yu Gong Yi Shan China and India have carved the Foolish Old Man Mountain. Since the mid-8th century, a mason with a chisel begins to cut the next 100 years, a single body of rock of the Deccan Plateau over a century spent years and generations of life, carved hands on a pure huge temples.

Kaila His temple in India Ellora Cave 16, is well known Hindu caves at Ellora, in Maharashtra North Desiree, cut into 8-ninth century AD, is the world hand in the largest granite sculpture Caves temple. Kaila His temple is dedicated to the god Shiva, the Hindu temple, a symbol of Shiva in solitude in the snow of the Himalayas – Kai Lasa Mountain.

Decorative carved temple, including all details are on the foot of a block of natural granite cliffs formed by huge Zaokong Carve. The excavations of the cliff to the ground, cut stone walls on three sides, the middle like a hollow temple soars from the ground.

Temple depth of about 80 meters, 40 meters wide, about 32 meters from the gate, temple, hall and main hall of four basic building units. West of the entrance of the temple is a gateway high rectangular shield of the sanctuary, cut off from the outside in the gate lodge is a double frame is dedicated to Shiva’s bull Nandi shrine.

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Shrine carved on each side of the luxury buildings in a column, about 18.3 meters, buildings on both sides of the separation column of two elephants. Behind the altar, is connected to the front room and around the main hall, entrance hall within a group by the four pillars support the 16 columns of the hall.

Front Hall of the bulge of a porch outside the north and south, the square wide front hall in the center of the petals flat triple engraved with a pattern immense relief at the top of the standings with four lionsTall and majestic main hall, statues everywhere, ranging from the upper tower of the temple of 3 verycheap Ugg Boots sophisticated, many statues on the walls of corridors, the Northern Corridor 12, Corridor 19 East, in the corridor medium 9, Block 12 South Corridor, these statues, a powerful hard, soft or gay, looking good and different life, a row of elephants stone temple frieze deep clean, taut Inside and outside the temple filled with great relief panels, niches, and ribbons. Sculpture theme focuses on the myth of Siva Purana and the epic “Ramayana”, the “Mahabharata,” the story. The main hall outside the walls of the tower’s volleyball Flying statues, more explosive volcanoes and meteors as the jump-like dynamic.

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