Forget Disney! Take Your Family to a Magaliesburg Bed and Breakfast

Work. School. Lessons. Sporting Events. Meetings. Homework. Whew! Families today are busier than ever! Mom and Dad are overworked and constantly on the go. The phone is always ringing, the emails are always pouring in and the car is always headed somewhere. This extends to our children too, who have more difficult course loads, and more homework than previous generations. They are expected to participate in more activities and also to excel at them. When families are looking for a vacation spot to reconnect and recharge, a Magaliesburg Bed and Breakfast is the perfect spot.

When you are thinking about a family vacation, there are probably a few spots that jump right to the front of your mind, but how about taking them on a once in a lifetime adventure that they will be talking about for years? Instead of heading to the places everyone else goes to, how about trying a unique holiday that can be custom planned for your family’s life style. A Magaliesburg Bed and Breakfast is the perfect setting for your family to slow down and reconnect. These beautiful spaces are surrounded by lush scenery and majestic mountains. Your family can awaken refreshed each morning and experience the sights and sounds of nature while enjoying a delicious regional breakfast.

After a refreshing start to your day at the Magaliesburg Bed and Breakfast of your choice, your family can head out for a day of exploring and adventure. There are many activities nearby suited for all activity levels. Rock climbing, river rafting and hiking are popular activities in Magaliesburg. Visitors can schedule safari drives or hikes, as well as off road go karting and quad driving. Canoeing and fishing are available and offer a perfect mix of activity and leisure. Many tourists take advantage of the beautiful landscape from the perspective of a hot air balloon or helicopter ride.

While you are in Magaliesburg, you should capitalize on the opportunity for a little history lesson that is so fun and interesting, your kids will not even think of it as educational! The caves near Magaliesburg are the home of some of the oldest fossils and human remains ever discovered, and surrounding area is known as the Cradle of Humankind because of this. Take the opportunity to explore these caves which were once inhabited by the very first humans.

You should forget one more trip to Disney, and instead book a trip to a Magaliesburg Bed and Breakfast. You and your family will reconnect with nature and with each other during this one of a kind trip.