Flights to Lagos And Travel to Lively Place!

Lagos is the attractive place situated in south-western part of Nigeria, consisting on Lagos Island, Victoria Island and Ikoyi islands. It is one of the liveliest places of the world and is the best tourist destination. Quite a large number of flights to Lagos are handled by its single airport i.e. Murtala Muhammad International Airport which is working as a hub for airlines of Nigeria like Arik air and Nigerian eagle airline. It has a single runway and single terminal which is controlling all air traffic which is further divided into international and local regions. Its previous name was Lagos International airport. It is situated on airport road, Ikeja. On daily basis thousands of passengers are booking their flights to Lagos through this airport and are facilitated by many amenities. It is having a wide short stay car parking. Taxis are available on its terminal. Moreover many duty free shops, bars, restaurants, banks, business facilities and hotels are available in its vicinity. Flights to Lagos are served by many renowned airlines like KLM, Iberia, Alitalia, Afriqiyah, Lufthansa, Arik air and British Airways.

Lagos is the most densely inhabited city of Nigeria with 154.7 million populations. It is a charismatic tourist spot due to its ancient and exciting sites and unique customs and ethnicity. It has an array of 3 to 5 star hotels which are heavily booked in peak season which is normally from November to February so if you are traveling in peak season and are booking your flight to Lagos, then you should also reserve a hotel in advance. Here climate is very smooth through out the year but rain falling is mostly from May to August. Famous hotel of Lagos is The Sheraton Lagos Hotel and Towers. This beautiful city is rich in architecture and history. National museum of Nigeria and Didi museum are famous here. In addition, it has a lot of sandy beaches with crystal clear water making it a place to be visited again and again. Tourists from all over the world arrange their flights to Lagos, striking place for recreation and fun and for business purpose as well. Lagos is also an industrial port and very inspiring for businessmen and entrepreneur from all over the world. It is a biggest exporter of oil and petroleum products which is making it a hub for capitalists and industrialists to come here and invest.

This information is gathered to make you aware of the fact that don’t waste your holidays, just plan your trip to this fantastic land and make yourself feel stress-free