Enjoy a Stay at The Self Catering Bed And Breakfast Ireland Inn

Avid travelers opine that Ireland happens to be one of the most under-rated travel destinations in the world. There has rarely been a country as traditional yet as hip and modern at the same time. Some say that the tourism arena of Ireland is a collage of cliches. Yes, while in Ireland you are sure to come across the very familiar sights of churches, shillelaghs, leprechauns, shamrocks and green; a lot of green actually. But that is definitely not where all the attractions of this amazing country end. How about looking beyond these well-known tourist attractions? Once you do that you will be amazed by the scenic beauties that Ireland has to offer. Once you visit the postcard villages, stand in the windy wilderness or hike in the misty hills, you will be sure to admit that Nature has indeed been kind to Ireland. In case you are looking for just that – a peaceful vacation far away from the din and bustle of the city, in the lap of Nature, you should opt for a Bed and Breakfast Ireland holiday.

Bed and Breakfast Ireland has been hugely popular among the tourists for decades. Now, are you are thinking that such accommodations are only provided by families who have extra room to rent out? Let us tell you while there are many family-run bed and breakfast inns in Ireland, there are also the ones that are professionally run. Whether you decide to share the home of a welcoming Irish couple for a few days or you chose to stay in an inn is up to you. But you can be absolutely sure that these inns allow the travelers to be in the midst of nature and enjoy Irish hospitality to its fullest. And some hospitality it is! You will come to know it once you meet the locals who warmly welcome you to their abode. Note that none of the tourism magazines is joking when they say Irish breakfast is huge. That is the word that can be used to describe it. A traditional Irish Breakfast offers a wide array of breads, cereals, milk, coffee, fruits, eggs, bacons, yoghurt, fried salmon, juices, etc.

Don’t want to get up early in the morning to enjoy this breakfast. Do not worry. There are also bed and breakfast inns which offer Self Catering Ireland. It, as its name suggests, means cooking for yourself. These inns have been started as even though many travelers come to Ireland from different corners of the planet; sometimes, they want to have foods that they are used to. And cooking here can be a fun experience too. You make use of the fresh vegetables, eggs, milk from the inn’s farm. You may go fishing to a nearby brook and bring back salmons for dinner. There will also be an assistant in the kitchen to help you prepare food.

Moreover, the Bed and Breakfast Ireland and Self Catering Ireland, often offers comprehensive packages and gifts. What more do you need to make your Ireland trip really enjoyable and memorable?