Enhancing Adventure Travel in India

Heritage, culture and Ayurveda are some facts that usually lures an international tourist towards India but the times are changing and this can very well be analysed with the increasing adventure travel in the country. In the present scenario, along with the well known places like Jaipur, Agra and Tirupathi, the adventure spots in the country are also catching some attention from the international tourists. Some places in the country are really hot while some are covered with snow hence, the opportunity for several adventure sports are likely in India. Currently, the enthusiasm for river rafting, skiing and para gliding is increasing rapidly among the energetic adventure audience of the country and if it is included with one or two nights camping at a beautiful place, then it is seen as icing on the cake. For those who start their journey from Delhi, Uttarakhand is seen as the best option to experience the adventure of river rafting. The camping spot Shivpuri, situated near Rishikesh offers a magical rafting experience to the tourists and is even rated as one of the best rafting destinations in the world. With good food, accommodation, adventure and relaxation, this place is quickly coming up as one of the most sought after tourist places in the country. If one moves close to Kumaon and Garhwal in Uttarakhand then the adventure of trekking as well as rappelling doesn’t stand far from him. Inside the itinerary designed for their adventure travel, many people find Mukteshwar as a best place to avail a thrilling rappelling experience. However, no option of camping is available at this place, but some well developed resorts are enough to ensure the comfort for tourists. Manali in Himachal Pradesh has also emerged as a big name in the league of adventure travel with the options of para gliding, river rafting, skiing, rock climbing and valley crossing present in here. With the help of its snow covered high mountains and fast flowing river, Manali has managed to conquer the position of highly acclaimed sporting destination in the country. Previously, people thought that there is no point in searching for a deadly adventure in India but, as the government is exploring new sporting destinations in the country, the dream of adventure travel is only getting bigger.