Dublin Lovers Guide To Bed And Breakfast

Dublin, like any other major city in the United Kingdom, offers an array of B&B facilities spread across the nook and corner of the city. B&B Dublin that way, is nothing different in form and style; but what makes it unique is the Irish hospitality. In a typical Dublin city B&B, one can expect the owners spend considerable time with the visitors, especially if the visitor is new to Ireland. And all these conversations that take place at Dublin will invariably have reference to some very important events in Irish history. No conversation at Dublin B&B’s will perhaps be complete without reference to Oliver Cromwell (considered as the father of modern democracy). The Irish however don’t remember Oliver Cromwell for anything benign – they in-turn recall Cromwell who had inflicted upon the Irish catholic community immense misery through acts of bloodshed and religious oppression. Howsoever cruel their remembrances may be, hosts at the B&B Dublin will soon restore

onhomie by serving what is fondly known as Irish elixir, Guinness beer. Serving as parental city to the almost iconic brand of classic dark ale, Guinness easily finds its way into all bed and breakfast. And generosity at the bed and breakfast hotels ensures that this classic Irish drink is served to all and sundry.

The breakfast is a very important constituent of Dublin B&B’s. It’s a generous spread and classic Irish hospitality ensures that no stones are left unturned to please the guests. And such a sumptuous spread takes its own sweet time – and guests generally laze over the lavish breakfast. Invariably, historical conversations take over. If Cromwell had already been discussed, the Great Potato Famine takes over. It is indeed surprising to know the Irish dependence on potatoes and that the famous migration from Ireland to the eastern coast of the United States of America was triggered by this famine. And all this happens at the Dublin B&B’s; and it can only get interesting. The history of the Irish Republican Army is of relatively recent period and Dubliners would invariably recall the horror days. The breakfast is still on – it’s not an easy task to run through the spread at a Dublin city B&B. And one inclined to literature will have references to the most famous son of Dublin – James Joyce. What better place you

could have a conversation with James Joyce than in Dublin city B&B? Dubliners take pride in their culture and are well informed about their history. They spend time at the breakfast table gossiping over a historical and cultural journey of Dublin and that of Ireland. Any visit to Ireland is perhaps incomplete unless one spends time and soaks in the culture and history of Dublin through none other than Dubliners.