Commercial Air Travel, Meet The Citation Bravo 550 Light Jet Charter

For short business or pleasure trips for smaller groups, commercial air travel cannot compete with a light jet charter. Many are sadly unaware that they have the option of a private jet charter to get them to their destination, saving valuable time and stress. So what models are available? The Citation Bravo 550 fits many bills.

This luxury private jet falls into the light jet category, but still has the ability to carry approximately 7 passengers (depending on the amount of luggage) in the lap of luxury to a variety of destinations, and from a larger number of available airports than a commercial company. I smell a competition.

Imagine the sublime feeling of completely bypassing commercial air travel and the stresses it can induce, and instead kicking back into your swiveling leather captain-style chair to check your emails, or perhaps pop in that movie you haven?t had time to watch. Sounds a bit more enticing than standing in an airport security line for hours, only to wait for a flight that has been delayed, does it not? It was one of my most memorable moments, realizing that there are alternatives to what we assume we must endure.

This is all possible onboard a Citation Bravo 550 charter. Onboard a luxury air charter you can truly experience the feeling of pampering and privacy that you may not have known existed. While some take the world of commercial air travel as a necessity, you will know otherwise. You will never look at air travel the same once you realize it can become integrated into your schedule as opposed to an inconvenience to it.

Perks of the Citation Bravo 550 charter include superior soundproofing, full lavatory, a plethora of windows and plush interior. Need to conduct an in-flight meeting? No problem. This private jet has the capacity to travel non-stop between Chicago and New York, saving you entire days per year originally wasted on travel. Just thought I would help spread the word.

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