City Break to Algarve

The Algarve is located right in the south of Portugal. It runs across the bottom of the country and is known for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate. With plenty of Algarve hotels, resorts, restaurants, natural attractions, beach life, theme parks and historic architecture to discover during a holiday there, The Algarve has something for all ages and interests to enjoy.

Walking and Sightseeing – Algarve is a cosmopolitan with the right blend of country qualities mixed in, creating a kind of a surreal environment perfect for someone who wants to get away from it all, even for just a few days. Algarve holidays is modern and rural at the same time; it also has a rich heritage and history. You will surely be a witness to this if you go around the backstreets and explore the Algarve on foot. Visit the Museu Regional in Lagos and the Museu Arqueologico in Faro for a blast to the past experience.

nother experience not to be missed is the Algarve beaches. Around the ‘capital’ of the Algarve, Faro there’s a lot to do. A mix of Arab and Roman architecture, there’s something for everyone in the area, with the beautiful Nossa Senhora do Carmo, a church in the ‘Arabian’ section of the city boasting some of the finest gold leaf, and religious iconography in the region.

For those who want to break away from the norm and experience an adrenaline rush during their holiday, extreme sports holidays could be exactly what you’re looking for.

From surfing to sky-diving, kayaking to kite-surfing and any kind of activity you use a board for. Extreme sports holidays offer the chance to do something a little different during your trip abroad.

A strong respect for the country’s history means that most towns and villages in Portugal hold regular celebratory festivals, so you might also find that your Portugal holiday coincides with one of these events, and gives you the chance to join the party and celebrate by experiencing the local culture and cuisine.