Christmas Flights to Accra – A Splendid City With Myriads of Attractions

Accra is blessed with many natural attractions, including beaches and picturesque landscape. The city has also endowed with many important landmarks and historical charms. Besides being a fabulous destination in itself, the city serves as an ideal gateway to African wilderness and amazing wildlife. Moreover, as the capital city of Ghana, the city has also witnessed modern development and growth of tourist-friendly amenities. So, your stay in the city is expected to be as comfortable as it is in any other city in the world.

Accra is notable for its enthralling and interesting traditions, which are clearly evident through the way it celebrates ethnic festivals and dances. Christmas is one of the many festivals celebrated here with great fanfare. Its spectacular cultural practices also attract people from far and wide. If you are looking to travel to this great African destination in budget, then you should go for Christmas flights to Accra. Airlines offer special package deals for vacationers willing to have a pleasant time in a fabulous African destination. With the number of tourists rising every year, Accra seems to have raised its grandeur to an admirable height and managed to stand out among the popular travel destinations of the world.

Major Tourist Attractions in Accra

Some of the famous tourist sites in Accra include the following:

??? Botanical Gardens: An expansive area of lush plants and trees, Botanical Gardens fascinate locals as well as international tourists. Peace-loving tourists will have a great time enjoying the serenity and tranquility of the gardens. You can go for a picnic with family or take a tour of the gardens and amazing natural setting with many walking trails guiding you the way. Book Christmas flights to Accra and escape into a peaceful zone full of soothing views and refreshing winds.

??? Makola Market: In a striking contrast to Botanical Gardens, Makola Market attracts tourists who like to be at a busy place teeming with lots of people. A famous hotspot in the city, the market is abuzz with a variety of vendors and shopkeepers selling a range of products. The most amazing aspect of Makola Market is that almost all of the sellers are women in their colorful traditional attires. You can find here almost anything of everyday use.

??? Beaches: One of the main reasons of Accra gaining the attention of international travelers is the existence of many good beaches here. Tourists can find here a variety of beaches with many also having budget-friendly resorts for family. No matter whether you are looking for solitude or an active beach atmosphere, Accra beaches can meet your expectations. Get the benefits available with Christmas flights to Accra and enjoy a memorable vacation in budget.