Choosing A Professional Guide Is Recommended For Rio Sightseeing

If you are in Rio de Janeiro sightseeing, you should think about hiring a professional guide. There are many Rio sightseeing guides to choose from and they can help you get the best out of your time in Rio. Still how can you be sure you have found a qualified guide? In order to have the best experience your guide should have extensive knowledge of Rio de Janeiro sightseeing attractions and the city.

Experience is the first qualification to look for in a Rio sightseeing guide. Rio is visited by thousands of tourists a year. It is a large city and the Rio de Janeiro tourism guide you choose, should have years of experience and be able to tell you such things as when is the best time of the year to visit Rio? And many other such things!

References are another way to determine if your Rio sightseeing guide is good. Ask anyone you know who has traveled to Rio and get their recommendations. Check online as well as the testimonials from other families and friends. Your friends and acquaintances can be the best source to decide upon which professional Rio sightseeing guide to choose? The internet is also a good place to check recommendations of travelers who have been to Rio if you do not know anyone personally who has traveled there.

Be aware that the language spoken in Rio is Portuguese. While in Rio de Janeiro, you will want to hire a guide for sight-seeing, who is both fluent in Portuguese as well as your native language. Unless you are fluent in Portuguese you will not be able to understand any local. As in all tourist destinations there are many unscrupulous individuals that will prey on travelers, who do not understand the local language. You can avoid such problems, when you hire a Rio sightseeing guide that is fluent in the native language.

All professional Rio de Janeiro sightseeing guides will have a website. Be sure to visit their site to read about all the information related to your vacation. Their site should provide information or at least links to the major Rio attractions that they will be guiding you to see. The guide website should clearly state their fees and what they include. Some guides will offer more comprehensive packages that may include your entry fees to sites, some meals and other perks. Be sure to understand what the fees include in order to be able to compare the different guides that you are considering. Be sure to read the customer testimonials.

Most Rio de Janeiro sightseeing guides will be able to provide you with information on accommodations and amenities if they do not schedule those for you. After you hire a Rio tourism guide, if accommodations are not included be sure to let them know the hotel you will be staying at and get their input prior to booking. Your Rio sightseeing guide can arrange transportation and provide you with information to make your trip, both safe and fun. If you keep these recommendations in mind when looking to hire a Rio de Janeiro sightseeing guide, you can be sure that your trip will be a pleasant one.