Choosing A Bed And Breakfast Over A Hotel

You may enter a bed and breakfast establishment and think you have entered someone’s private residence. This is the kind of atmosphere that you will experience, in a B and B. This kind of experience can have a lot of advantages over an ordinary hotel stay, and here are some benefits that you may find.


Many B and B services are located in places like historic parts of town. They also may be in quieter neighborhoods than hotels. This means that you may have a more relaxing and enjoyable stay. Some businesses may operate on the water, like a houseboat. This can offer a most unusual experience.

Personal Attention

When you check into a B and B, the owner may also live there. It may be more like staying at a friend’s house than staying out somewhere. Hotels can be very impersonal, and almost like being in an institution. The rooms are clean and well kept, but they have a rather sterile look to them. A bed and breakfast is decorated like a normal house, and this can make one feel more at home.

Morning Meals

Your first meal of the day is very important, and at a B and B, it is included. It is not usually a buffet, where people might feel like they are in a cafeteria. Instead, it is like sitting down to eat with family. The fellowship of sharing a meal with people can be a very nice experience. Of course, you also may have the option of eating in your room, in some places.

Doing Things

Activities in hotels can be very limited. They are not really there to provide you with a great atmosphere and things to do. Hotels are mostly a place to spend the night. However, high end hotels may offer concierge and dry cleaning services.

When you stay at a B and B, you can sit comfortably in a home. Many of these places have lovely lawns, and you can relax and stroll around the grounds. Many hotels may not have any kind of grounds, except a paved parking lot.


When you travel, a bed and breakfast can offer much more than a hotel. You can stay in someone’s home and feel like part of the family. You also may have many things to do and appreciate, during your relaxing and quiet stay.