Chicago- The Vacation Spot

Situated on the coast of Lake Michigan, Chicago can proudly claim to be the most densely populated city of the entire United States of America. According to the census conducted in the year 2009, tourists that visited the city counted up to 39.6 million! Can you imagine how much they contributed to the Windy City of Chicago? Up to 10.2 billion dollars were injected in the economy just because of the large number of tourists. Do you have any idea why people from all across the world are attracted to Chicago? Well, the answer is quite imaginable. Chicago is the hub of high class hotels and restaurants as well as shopping malls and a wide range of museums! Doesn’t all this make Chicago sound like the dream location for your honeymoon or just a long vacation? Surely, it does.

Shedding light on one of the most famous galleries in the world, the Art Institute of Chicago is all about cultural attractions and art collections. The works of all famous artists of the world whether it be impressionist or post-impressionist are brought together in this grand place, located in the heart of the Chicago Grant Park. Not only paintings but photographical master pieces, sculptures and miniatures as well as artifacts are kept here, so that one can enjoy a sound and complete revelation of cultural history.

Moving on to the Navy Pier in Chicago, it is a very popular and renowned attraction for above eight million tourists. The visitors can enjoy a vast range of attractions here but first let me tell you what is this Navy Pier. Well, it is a foot board walk situated on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. From here, you can increase your level of excitement and joy through the Ferris wheel, IMAX theatre, the boat tours, the Segway tours and the most important Chicago Children’s Museum. Aren’t you aware of the Segway tours? Well, that’s the most joyful experience you could ever have. Basically, Segway 2i is a personal transporter on which you visit the City for a thrilling experience. Not only that, the Navy Pier offers you a lot of casual and formal eateries which can make your mouth water and you would certainly find it hard to stop yourself! Moreover, don’t forget to visit the numerous shops along the Pier, offering you a wide range of items.

Don’t visualize Chicago as a place for youngsters or adults only, your children could take part in the fun and thrill too! The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the best places your children could go to. Most importantly, your visit to this Zoo is completely free! If your kids are fond of the elephants or the zebras or the chimpanzees, they are really going to love this place. Not only that, but the young children can definitely go and visit the carousal of the zoo where you can see the crafted endangered species. So don’t forget to run for these major places but surely Chicago is not limited to this!