Cheap Limo Service in Chicago

Chicago limousine rentals are easy to get—all you have to do is look for them, whether online, in the newspapers, or in the phone book. You can get great bargains and excellent service if you take the time to check out several prospective limo firms to get the best one that you can afford. The best limo service in Chicago isn’t necessarily the most expensive one in the industry, but rather, the one that suits your requirements. The trick is knowing exactly what these requirements are, so you can keep these in mind as you shop for cheap limo service in Chicago. Your list should cover: * What’s the occasion? Is it for prom night, a special date, or a wedding? If you’re a bride looking for the best limo for you to use during your big day, you have to think of the size of your dress, veil, and train. There’s no point in trying to fit yourself into the back seat of a limo that’s too small for you, as it will only crush your perfect outfit. Don’t forget that you have to ride in the limo with your newly-wedded husband after the ceremony, so you both have to be seated comfortably. A wedding limo service in Chicago will most likely have a variety of cars for you to check out, so choose wisely. * How many people are going to ride in it? For prom night, many teens opt to save money by sharing one limo among several couples. Do a headcount before picking a limo, and ask the limo company which cars can fit that number of persons. * Where are you going? If your destination happens to be in a place where a four-wheel drive vehicle makes the most sense to drive, you can look for an SUV limo in Chicago. These vehicles are especially popular with businesspeople and gangsta rappers. * How much can you spend? Do you have a limited budget? Find out if the limo service offers package deals, referral rebates, or an early bird discount, and take advantage of these promos. * Some limo services come with all sorts of extras, and dispensing with these can save you money. Ask the firm if you can opt out of the luxuries that you won’t need. * How long will you use the limo? Some limo services charge by the hour if you are only using the vehicle for less than 24 hours.