Cheap Holidays to Tenerife Means Lots of Sun Less Money Burn

If you’re trying to find holidays to Spain, cheap holidays to Turkey or cheap holidays abroad, the internet can help you plan your trip with the least difficulty. Tenerife guarantees almost year-round sun, so when you’re feeling the cold and bundling up at home, start considering about the warmth in Tenerife. And of course, what better way to make your friends envious than with a Tenerife tan!

Tenerife is the biggest with the largest population of the seven Canary Islands. Over 5 million tourists visit a year and for good reason! Tenerife has a great deal to deliver, besides a beautiful landscape, this is where one of the world’s greatest festivals occurs every year – the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Every February the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife takes over, as it is one of the most well known, internationally known carnivals, only second to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro carnival. There’s an opening parade with thousands of people in fancy costumes and then the party continues, night after night, until Ash Wednesday. The official carnival is almost as much fun as the unofficial ‘street’ carnival which happens in the areas surrounding the official venues. The entire festival lasts two weeks of exciting partying.

The year round warm climate and excellent sunshine is moderated by the trade wings in Tenerife. Tenerife and the Sahara desert have the same winds, which explains the heat, but the warm ocean currents keeps the temperatures low. An interesting note: the islands show almost no air pollution because of the lack of factories and manufacturing industry. Which makes Tenerife a healthy trip!

Most of the resorts are in the south of island where is is hot and dry. Well known places include Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. There are new, fantastic, resorts as you head northbound from Playa de las Americas as well as appealing resorts in the the enclave formerly known as La Caleta.

The towns Las Americas and Los Cristianos have a collection of quality shopping centres, golf courses, restaurants, water parks, animal parks, and more. Los Cristianos is the older of the two, originally a calm fishing town. After a tourist and development boom in the 70s there is plenty to do if you’re looking for more than a relaxing pool,cocktails and a very good book.

The most popular activities to do in Tenerife include scuba diving with a professional instructor with knowledge of the underwater sites. Snorkelling is inexpensive and you’ll be able to see a great deal of marine life in the clear, pollution-free waters. The rock formations are spectacular and the views are great. Water Sports such as wind surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing and parasailing are also readily available, so if you want an lively adventure, Tenerife can deliver.

It is the most ideal to go on cheap holidays to Tenerife because the islands have been so well-known for so long that there is fabulous service, amenities and people know exactly what visitors want and how best to provide it. Tenerife will be a successful vacation for you because holiday-makers get what they want! Investigate Tenerife – you’ll never want to leave it.