Car Hire in The Magnificent City of Townsville

Townsville is a city situated in the Northern Queensland having a diversified landscape which has the caliber to support every holiday or vacation. Declared as a city in the year 1903, it is a major tourist attraction in the Australian region. Townsville is a city which without losing its serenity gives you a sense of a perfect cosmopolitan. The unofficial capital of Queensland, Townsville is the cultural, social and economic center of Queensland. Adventure activities like Barra fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling makes this destination a delight for the adventure enthusiasts.

A large number of attractions which are renowned worldwide are a part of this Australian region. The magnetic islands, Great Barrier Reef, castle hill, river ways, and charter towers are some of the many exclusive and fascinating attractions in this very city of Townsville.

There are a number of local delicacies and foods which can be found in this city as well. Sea food being the favorite among the local people, you will find a variety of sea foods which are now the local delicacies of the region. Some of the delicacies and local foods which can be easily found and savored are mud crabs, king prawns, mackerel, tiger prawns, sea scallops, moreton bugs and fresh barramundi.

The city hosts a number of global and local food festivals. The BMW food festival is a sensational food and wine festival held in the city of Townsville. The two day event showcases some of the most delectable and scrumptious of the Australian region. A large display of wines is also displayed in the festival which offers a collection of over 100 wines from around the world. The event held at the Victoria Bridge is sure of impressing its attendees.

When it comes to grab a view of the city’s attractions and major destinations one can easily rent a cab or car to get around the city as a wide range of car rental services are available to tourists and travelers round the year. It is always advised to hire cars from an authorized dealer’s or agent’s to get a fair deal. Car hire Townsville , according to your need gives you a wide array of vehicles and cars to choose from. The car hire services operate 24/7 providing well equipped cars with all modern facilities to ensure a comfortable journey while you are in the city of Townsville. Every traveler or visitor visiting a city which is not known to them thinks of taking a taxi or other public transportation’s but not many of them think of renting a car which shall be with you throughout your trip for all your needs of transportation.

With a car hire one can enjoy the comfort and luxury of commuting at their ease and comfort. Instead of bargaining for prices or commuting through bustling public transportation’s a one stop solution to all your commuting problems is a car hire Townsville.