Attractions From And Around Manali

A Manali trip takes you to a cool height of some 2050 meters in the majestic Himalayas. The place is located near the source of the tumultuous River Beas and attracts tourists in summers and winters alike. Besides a galore of its very own attractions, there are quite a few interesting places near Manali such as Dharamsala and Kullu. Manali is also used as a base for adventurous treks to Beas Kund and Chandrakhani Pass. This article will shed a little more light on Manali attractions such as paragliding, Vashishta, and also provide some information on Dharamshala and Kullu.

A Paragliding Tour

The heart thudding sport of paragliding at Solang Valley contributes a lot to Manali tourism. There are three levels one can choose from. Level 1 is most common and involves flying for a minute. This is followed by Level 2, wherein you fly for some 5 minutes. Level 3 is highly advanced, wherein you glide for almost half an hour and reach midway up to Rohtang Pass and back. However, the duration of the flight depends upon the wind factor and one stands better chances of completing the flight after noon time as winds get stronger. Paragliding is a wonderful way for some Manali sightseeing from the skies.

Vashistha Hot Water Springs and Temple

Visiting the Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temple is one of the most rewarding experiences of going on a trip to Manali. The place is some 3 km from Manali and the hot natural sulfur springs here supposedly have medicinal qualities. For the convenience of visitors, modern bathing places with Turkish type showers have been constructed. The place is also famous for a couple of old stone temples standing face to face. Both are dedicated to saint Vashistha and the underground temple tanks are hot water springs. Don’t omit this place from your list while framing a Manali travel planner.

Rohtang Pass

Plan your travel to Manali between May and November if you want to visit the Rohtang Pass as the place is snowed up and closed during the remainder of the year. This is a devilishly beautiful landscape and a popular spot for winter sports such as skiing and snow scooter riding. Being the Manali-Keylong road’s highest point, Rohtang Pass treats you to some of the most astounding views of the landscape. The area is also pretty close by to some interesting landmarks such as the Dassaur Lake and Beas Kund. The latter is the originating point of the River Beas. In fact, there is no end to the charms of Rohtang Pass and no Manali tour can be complete without visiting this place.

Tourist Places near Manali

While there is no dearth of tourist places near Manali, a couple of very popular ones are Dharamsala and Kullu. So, you would do well to include these places in your travel planner for Manali. So, take a look at how to go about visiting these places during the course of your Manali travel.

A Dharamsala Trip

The Manali to Dharamsala distance is approximately 235 km. Other than its mesmerising natural beauty, this destination is especially famous for being the seat of the holy Dalai Lama. Scores of tourists land up in Dharamsala with the hope of catching a glimpse of His Holiness. By road, Manali to Dharamsala drive will take some 4 hours. So, plan your tour accordingly.

A Trip to Kullu

The Manali to Kullu distance is just about 41 km and some of the hottest attractions here are Kullu Dussehra, Hot Springs at Manikaran, and Bijli Mahadev Temple. You can easily drive down from Manali to Kullu in under an hour’s time. This was just a brief introduction to the tourist places in Manali and the nearby places of Dharamsala and Kullu. There are dozens of other fabulous places both in and around Manali such as Hidimba Temple, Rahala waterfalls, and Buddhist monasteries.