A Look at Solar Shower And Other Camping Gadgets

A solar shower is a bag filled with water that is heated by the sun so that a person can take an easy and convenient outdoor shower. The most simple type of a solar shower consists of a small bag with almost 5 gallons (19liters) of capacity and is often made of a flexible PVC coated black or gray and it easily allows the water to flow. A solar shower is easy, cheap and fun. The solar collector needs good exposure to the sun’s heat. Usually it takes only a few minutes to reheat water for the next shower, but the time taken to reheat can be badly affected by shade or poor positioning from direct sunlight.

A solar shower bag is a bag that is black on one side,you fill it with water and then lay the bag flat in the sun,make sure the clear side faces upwards,wait for a couple of hours and the water will warm enough to shower under,even in mild winter conditions as long as its sunny. One of the finest methods to warm up the water in short time is by placing the solar bag on a black rubber mat-this helps protect the bag and also speeds up the heating process and also acts as an insulator. During the cold months the initial temperature of water is much colder, which requires more energy and more gas. Hence, one can add a cup of boiling water that can be heated on another camping gadget that is the camp stove (potbelly stove) just before the shower to give it a little temperature boost. Also, another problem that one can face is that, more the water in the solar shower, the more time it takes to heat up. Therefore on should add only the required amount of water in order to get better results. One of the unfortunate things about the solar shower bag is that it is made of plastic and hence there are more chances of it to get spoiled, one should therefore try not to place it on a rocky ground directly, overfilling or throwing it around. If taken good care of it, you will be able of getting a number of camping years out of one. A solar shower is easily available at most camping stores.

There are other camping gadgets like heated , camping tent , winter Vail boots, solar lantern, cordless bug zapper, and many more of such camping gadgets to make your camping more comfortable.