A Guide To Deep Water Soloing Skills

Any adventure activity is always accompanied with some degree of danger. It may be big or small and solely depends upon your skills and preparation prior to the activity. This also stands true for deep water soloing. Before going for it there are certain things which should be kept in mind. You should take care to learn some key steps before indulging in an activity like deep water soloing. Here are some simple rules and a guide to deep water soloing skills which you should follow.

First of all make sure that you check out the venue yourself before attempting DWS rock climbing. Make sure that the water is deep enough and that there are good exits. The two things which are most critical in this activity are: first you must have a solid grasp of the basic techniques of rock climbing and second is that you must be a good swimmer as your safety depends largely upon your swimming skills to exit the water. It is also important to test your endurance because most of the time you may get wearied out after climbing and may not be able to swim with full strength.

Now here are some important safety factors in DWS climbing. In Psychoblock climbing if you fall you directly splash into the water. So you must evaluate the venue and take note of few things which include the depth of the water, the temperature of the water, the conditions of the area and the nature of the rocks. Also is there a way to escape or do you need to set up a roped escape. Walls that are in coves generally have small swells while walls the face the open sea can have large swells creating issues of there own.

Also make sure that you know about the landing area. Make sure that the water beneath your climbing areas does not have boulders or shelves and the water isn’t too shallow. It is important to take a few practice jumps and swim to the coast to make sure that everything is fine. These guidelines will help you a lot to evade the possible dangers of deep water soloing. It is even better if you can seek the help and guide of experts. This will help you to get prepared mentally and will also increase your awareness so that you can go for the DWS climbing with full preparation.