Why it is a Good Idea to Take Your Kids Camping

A great activity for any family is going camping. Many people grew up going camping with their families when they were young and have many fond memories of the time spent with the family. Passing on a love for camping to the kids of today is a great way to spend time as a family.

One of the reasons that camping is great fun is that it can be done almost anywhere. States offer campgrounds at state parks that can be rented for very little money. These state parks often have special programs for kids that teach them about the area. These programs focus on:

??? Geology

??? Ecology

??? History

??? Safety

??? Plants

??? Wildlife

Kids are expected to spend hours in the classrooms learning about geological formations. However, there is nothing like seeing them in person. This excites the child and makes them want to protect the environment, making them good stewards of the land. No amount of reading can excite a child like seeing it in person.

Camping involves more work than other forms of vacations. Kids need to learn to work. Working together to build a campfire or clear a campsite is a great experience for a child. This will make them stronger in adulthood, when they are expected to work for the things they want or need.

It is important for kids to go camping to learn about animals. Many animals are going extinct. When the child goes camping they not only get to see the animal in their natural habitat, but they learn the characteristics of those animals. They learn what they eat and get to see where they sleep.

A young person going camping also gets to learn to rely on the land for what they need. Gathering wood, picking berries and hunting are great experiences for kids. They learn where food really comes from, and its not the big box store.

The most important thing about going camping is the time spent together. Rather it is camping near a glacier, or on a topical island the time spent together is vital. Families learn to rely on each other. So throw away the laptop and the cell phone and go camping today.

Camping is vital for a kid’s development for several reasons. Try a state park for some of the best experiences. This love of the land encourages them to want to take care of it. The child will learn to work together and learn that work is important. They will also learn to rely on the land for what they need. But, the most important thing is that they will have fun with the family, and learn to rely on each other.