V-one Aviation Air Charter Website Wins Industry Accolade

Produced by leading website design company, Code Computer Love, the website was awarded Best Business To Business website. The site itself utilises the abilities of Flash 8 for the groundbreaking VIP Lounge facility and the video welcome on the home page.

If you are visiting the website for the first time the hostess will welcome you on arrival and direct you around the site. The people in the lounge animate at different intervals and some of the characters come to life when selected, explaining their reasons for chartering aircraft. If you then return at a later date, the hostess will welcome you back, recognising you as a previous visitor and different travellers appear in the lounge.

Depending on the time of day, the scene will change from day to night and you will also be able to see movement such as planes landing, cars moving through the airport and other innovative uses of the technology which all add up to a very polished website.

Commenting on the use of Flash 8 for the V-One website, Louis Georgiou from Code said, ?The guys at V-One wanted to stand out from the crowd with their website. They wanted it to reflect their vision for the business of being fast paced, innovative, market leading and cutting edge. By utilising the new video properties of Flash 8 we have been able to create a truly engaging, interactive experience within the VIP Lounge and have encapsulated all the qualities of the brand. We are delighted that it has won recognition from the design industry in this years Fresh Awards.?