Trekking Through the Himalayan Terrains

Craving to explore the exotic trekking trails of the mighty Himalayas – but don’t know where to start?

Fret not, because given below is some expert tips which will ensure that you enjoy the beautiful Sub-Himalayan terrains of India –the right way.

Planning for your Trekking Trip

A thorough and careful planning of your route (or the complete lack of it) can make or mar your trekking trip. You need to sketch out the right plan, plan your routes well enough, get in touch with local porters if you need them, assemble the right trekking gear, pack in bare essentials and get prepared to set off with a perfect itinerary in your back pack.

Where to go?

If you are interested in exploring century old cultures or rather indulge in remotely located mountain passes then Little Tibet and Ladakh can lead you to ancient monasteries which speak of the Buddhist faith.

On the other hand, if trekking through luxuriant forests makes your adrenalin rush, then your itinerary should talk of trails in Sikkim, North Bengal or Himachal Pradesh.

Spectacular mountain peaks and scenic views are also in store on the unexplored trails that go all the way into Garhwal-just take your pick and explore the bounties of Himalayas in your own way. Cheap air tickets booking can help you reach the destination closest to these trails.

A Well Planned Itinerary

Wherever you go, refrain from being over ambitious with your itinerary. Lots of contingency days should be included for inclement weather, acclimatization and porters who choose to disappear for a cup of “chai”.

You may also feel like savoring the delights of a stunning campsite or choose to hang around with natives indulging in festivities or annual celebrations. The multifarious bounties of Himalayas cannot be explored on a single trip-so plan your itinerary accordingly.

Setting a Budget

If you are on your own , then note down the total hiring charges of a guide and porter along with the costs involved for transportation, accommodation and food-and then multiply it by two. This takes care of all the unprecedented costs which may find their way into your budget. Also iIf you have a trekking agency facilitating your trip, then keep aside 10 percent of the total costs for tips and treats.

The Perfect Time to Trek

Weather conditions in the Himalayas can be highly unpredictable. Though the months of March -June are considered as the best time for trekking in India, even the most seasoned travelers can be found getting stranded due to landslides, incessant rainfall or hail coming their way. The heavy monsoons cast a gloomy cover over the hills of Uttaranchal, Himachal, Sikkim and Darjeeling -making treks difficult and tricky.

Before you set off, remember to pack in your important papers, cheapest international flight tickets, and air tickets low cost, medicines, camping gear, essentials, rain gear and all other items which make it to the list of an expert trekker.

Last but not the least-remember not to leave your carbon footprints behind!