Travel Tips – Part 2

I have travelled a lot throughout the world, I am a citizen of India, and it’s my native place. There are many tourist places in India and believe me they are too good. Tourist places can be of many types, they are mainly due to their natural beauties, it comprises of rivers, sea, sea beaches, mountains & terrains, hill stations, snow covered mountains. As I have travelled too much and I want to share my experiences with new travelers so that they can get help from my travel tips and should not repeat those mistakes that I had made in my early travelling days.

I had travelled a lot with my family and even with my friends as well. I am a very friendly kind of person, I have too many friends this is the reason most of the times my friends are different whenever I travelled.

Today I will give travel tips to my new traveler friends so that it can help them to prepare themselves with sufficient belongings for their journey. I have visited every type of destination whether it is hill station or sea beach or any other. I will start my travel tips with hill stations, whenever you are heading towards a hill station for your vacations most important thing which comes in your mind is about the weather over there, if you are going in summers do not carry too much of your woolens, believe me afternoon and evening is normal over there in terms of cold, usually you will be able to see the sun, so do not carry too much woolens that you would be thinking that you can utilize them while roaming there, only you will be able to utilize your woolens in nights because they are literally too cold. Now coming up on the winter days you will get sun on most of the days but still you cannot be with your woolens in the afternoon or evening, you should carry more woolens like inners should be there because they will occupy less space as compared to other items. Now coming on sea shores and beaches, believe me if you are a person who cannot tolerate hot temperature and humidity then it’s your wastage of time and money to got there, because I personally don’t like summers and humidity at all and believe me I had went to so many places of sea beaches and sea shores there is so much humidity that you will feel that you are not on a vacation you are in a jail and imprisoned for some crime over there.

Wherever you go, you have to make some arrangements for your stay over there. Believe me whether it is a hill station or a sea beach, you will get n number of options over there according to your pocket. If you are looking for some budget hotels and cheap hotels you will get it; if you are looking for some good hotels, high class hotels and resorts with some good breakfast and dinner service you will surely get it; nowadays if you are looking for some guesthouses and serviced apartments you will surely get them also but that is a fact that they are few in numbers.