The Extreme Fun of Bungee Jumping

“I stood there, very still, on the edge of the bridge. Rope clinging around my waist! My heart pounced so loudly I thought it would burst out. But then I took it, the first step off the bridge…. And I screamed! I was falling free in the air, and it was the best feeling I have ever had.”

No, this is not a description of someone jumping off a bridge but a person trying bungee jumping for the first time! If you have been following our blogs then you must remember that we began our chronicles of adventure tales by calling it “Extreme Fun”. Now we conclude this tale of adventure sports with the real “extreme” sport which is BUNGEE JUMPING. Till now what we have been writing about are doable sports, by every age group young or old. But bungee jumping needs a brave heart. If you enjoy thrills out of sports think again, can you really handle the thrills? If the answer is yes then bungee jumping is definitely the sport for you.

Why the hype?

If you can come close to death and yet escape it, how would that feel? The heart leaping out when you suspend into the air is exactly how you feel. Bungee jumping is one such sport which gives you the adrenaline rush you wish to get and you are definitely to get it each and every time you do it. You are to jump from a very high tower or bridge, the maximum length has been 233 meters so far, with the safety harnesses around you. As you dive from the great height, the rope or cord keeps you safe and suspended into the air as the leap ends. You can judge yourself from the height of the towers and bridges, where bungee jumping is practiced, how thrilling it will be.

Breathtaking Record

Although there are now places available from where you can jump up to 1050 feet high bridges, but the Guinness book of World Record has recorded the highest bungee jump by AJ Hackett from the Macau Tower in China of almost 764 feet. Many have categorized his jump as a sky jump which is not actually bungee jumping but nevertheless his name has been recorded as a world record breaker.

What is Required

Even though so many things are taken into consideration while preparing you for bungee jumping, there have been terrible accidents while performing this sport. We have been repeatedly emphasizing on a brave heart, this is the first thing you need because if you are going there as a weak hearted person chances are your “extreme fun” going way too extreme and ending up creating trouble for you. Because this a sport where you are suspended into air and there is nothing below you but metres and metres of thin air ending only with a rocky terrain, you can imagine the consequences if something goes wrong. So we give you a short list just to be prepared from your own side as well.

??? Get checked whether you are fit to perform this sport ??? Enquire the organizer how his safety equipments are and the past record of their performance. ??? Cords ??? Harness ??? Carabiners ??? Slings/Webbing ??? Bungee Cords ??? And of course great heights to jump from

The Craziest Bungee Jumping Places

The best thing about bungee jumping is that there is no specific time of the year to perform this sport; you just require enough mental ability. There are several amazing places to jump from, we list here a few.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA : This bridge was built in the year 1929 and stands at a bind boggling height of 1,053 metres and is the highest suspension point in the world. It has a wooden plank way, so that before you jump, you can see for yourself the breathtaking height you will be suspended from and what you will be suspended into. Get the butterflies in the stomach as you stare down and see nothing far below. THIS is what we call the real thrill!!

Macau Tower, China: The famous AJ Hackett did it, then why you can’t. Macau tower stands at a height 760 feet from the ground. A thin building, from whose height Hackett jumped and broke the world record. Why this place stands apart is because you are not just jumping into empty air but a city building, where you have concerns of hitting something s you have double risks to deal with. But if performed safely nothing can go wrong and you would have completed your bungee jump successfully. But many identify this as ‘sky jumping’ as was the case when Hackett completed this sport.

Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland : Next in queue is the Verzasca Dam, built at a height of 721 feet from the ground. It became a popular site for bungee jumping after James Bond jumped from it in the first scene of the movie “Golden Eye” in 1995. It was also a stunt voted as the best stunt of all time in 2002. Soon after the movie, the dam owners set out on a commercial venture and made it a bungee jumping sport. The archways of the dam provide enough space for your fall and you can see the cemented heights racing against your eyes as you take the leap.

Bungee jumping as evolved immensely through the time. We suggest you to join 78mm Adventure for some insanely crazy bungee jumping trips. We can take you to places where the thrills wil be equivalent to what you watch in the television. Although the most popular places are in USA or UK but we identify places for bungee jumping in our own India. So pack your bags and get remember that it is essential to consult a doctor before you decide to take this leap because if you are not careful this can be the last leap of your life! Because even though thrills are fun but some wise man has said “thrill kills”, so let’s take that into consideration too and be safe!