The Basics of Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity that involves carrying of tents for sleeping. This can be for recreation or as a means of cheap accommodation, for example when people go for sporting activities or any other open function like drama or music competitions. It can also be a form of adventure for example scouts campers. Camping when used as a recreational activity is best accompanied with other activities like mountain climbing or fishing. This makes it more entertaining. Camping may be permanent or temporary. People who visit campsites for a short period can refer that to as camping. Other outdoor activities like staying outside overnight can also be termed as camping. Campers need to prepare for the activity. Several things have to be put into consideration. This includes food, shelter (e.g. tents or camp vehicles), toiletries, and lighting and safety measures for themselves. Entertainment for the campers should also be considered. This depends on age, sex, and background of the campers.

Campers can choose from other camping options. This will depend on the cost involved and the number of campers. There is vehicle camping, mobile camping or back camping, tent camping or campsites. Tent camping is cheaper than campsites because campsites are fully equipped and one has to pay for every amenity they are provided with. Backpacking camping allows campers to move with all their belongings as they hike or go for mountain climbing. The packing is slightly expensive than tent camping. While camping one has to ensure they protect themselves from insects since this activity goes on through the night and may take days. Prior preparation is encouraged for ones safety.

To reduce cases of insect bites especially mosquitoes, fleas, fly and tick one should carry insect repellent. This is smeared on the skin or other surfaces to keep insects away. The insects cannot land on protected surfaces. It helps prevent insect related diseases such as malaria, west Nile fever. There are natural insect repellents that can be applied to the skin to keep insects away while you are camping. The other safe and natural method is the use of treated mosquito nets. These are portable and should be parked with other amenities. Alternatively, a person can use candles or coils. One can also choose to use wipes instead of aerosols. One should choose what works best for them.