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Flavours Of Dubai – Culture

The Mecca of entertainment in the Middle-East, Dubai, for sure, ROCKS!!!Blessed with a pulsating night life, the city of Dubai virtually comes alive after sun down as young people begin to stream into its innumerable bars, pubs and lounges. Its vibrant and pulsating nightlife attracts singers and entertainers from all across the world. Popular dance groups from Europe and America… Read more →

Hotels In Dubai

Dubai is a veritable magnet, the most advanced, affluent and corporate of all the emirates. The city sits on massive reserves of oil which have been believed to be the force behind its phenomenal growth, a city which was as a fishing village until 1830. Surprisingly, it?s the property and construction trade that has been consistently contributing to the emirate?s… Read more →

Camel Riding in Dubai

Dubai, the land of plenty has indeed enough activities to please the heart and mind, leaving you with memories of a lifetime. Sun, sand and beach, the land of extravagance never misses a beat when it comes to entertain tourists who visit Dubai. The unique location of Dubai amidst sands of the Persian Gulf makes it ideal to enjoy a… Read more →