Relish an Enriching Vacation as You Travel to Delhi

The capital city of India has been a tourist’s delight for ages. The city undoubtedly houses a well-off enriching and edifying heritage. The rich historical past of the entire country is well depicted in the city’s renowned museums, memorials, shrines and many attractive monuments. Plenty of visitors from all parts of the world keep visiting the place to soak themselves in the magnificent aura of the place.

The city is well-connected to all the major destinations from all over the world. There are numerous Delhi flights operating from all domestic and international cities, which have made the travel to this city a pleasant and easy experience. And with so many airlines flying directly to the city, you should definitely visit this city and explore the true colors of India.

The fact is that, tourism and vacationing in the city is growing and rising like never before. There is an increasing influx of not only the business travelers, but also of the vacationers, who want to indulge in the unique charm of the city. The come to enjoy view and know about the magnificent and splendid historic monuments and architectural wonders of this urbane metropolis. The city houses some of finest and most renowned monuments and once here, you cannot keep away from these wonderful creations.

The city offers plentiful sightseeing options, each having its own story to share. One of the must visit and see places of the city is the India gate, built in reminiscence of 70,000 soldiers who died in the First World War. The other one is the Red fort, or the Lal Quila, built of red stones, this colossal fort on the banks of the river Yamuna, built by Shahjahan as the fortress of the 17th Century. It is a beautiful bond between the past and the present times. Another, great monument closely associated with the India history is the Qutub Minar. Although there are some debates about the origin and construction of this splendid monument, yet the exquisiteness and splendor of this place cannot be overlooked. Make sure that you definitely visit this tower on your visit to the Indian capital. Along with all these places, the other not to miss monuments and forts in Delhi are the Jantar Mantar, Humayun’s tomb, Jama Masjid and Rajghat.

Along with strong reflection of the Mughal era, the city also houses numerous temples and churches, depicting the very secular and diverse culture of the city from ages. The renowned Lakshmi Narayan Mandir built in 1938 gives a representation of a vast number of Hindu Gods. The famous Bhai temple, the Lotus temple is a wonderful structure of modern architecture and is a favorite spot of tourists from around the world. There is also the St. James Church and the Chattarpur Mandir, which just cannot be missed!

Along with all these superb constructions, the city also houses some of the finest developments. There is no denying that over the decades the place has witnessed major augmentation and transformation, yet it has effectively preserved its charisma and sensation. Needless to say that the place is a favorite vacation hotspot and it is a perfect place to take pleasure in Indian hospitality. So, wait no longer, book your tickets on any of the Delhi flights and get ready for an enriching voyage.