Johannesburg Embark the Mystical Place in South Africa

Johannesburg the provincial capital of the richest province of South Africa- Gauteng can be crowned the commercial capital of the country. It is one of the richest cities in the world with a large metropolitan area. It is the center of diamond and gold business and thus a major trading point of the country. This commercial significance and also having an international airport receiving international flights to Johannesburg the city has a huge inflow of travelers throughout the year. To cash in on this positive aspect the city has developed many tourist destinations in and around the city.

Before flying out to other cities of South Africa a tourist using services of cheap flights to johannesburg should visit some of the most significant tourist destinations such as Johannesburg Lions Park, the Apartheid Museum, The MuseuMAfrica, The Nelson Mandela National Museum, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Kim Sacks Gallery, Rosebank locality, Top of Africa etc.

The Johannesburg Lions Park is a conservation center working to preserve endangered species of animals. It is home to over 80 lions including rare white lions; many carnivores such as cheetah, wild dog, brown and spotted hyena, black backed jackal and herbivores such as antelopes, blesbok, gnu, impala, gemsbok and zebra. Spread across 500 acres of land the tourists of Johannesburg flights can visit the park in a very convenient way as it is situated close to the Lanseria Airport.

Tourists specially the history enthusiasts can visit the various museums situated in different parts of the city. The Apartheid Museum as the name suggests displays exhibits pertaining to the Apartheid era and also focuses on the culture of Africa during the 20th Century. The MuseuMAfrica previously known as Africana Museum displays the history of South Africa before the tourists using time saving services of direct flights to Johannesburg. Additionally the Nelson Mandela National Museum located in Soweto (South Western Townships) provides an insight into the life and ideas of South Africa’s social reformer- Nelson Mandela.

Also the Johannesburg Art Gallery located in Joubert Park and divided into 15 halls and a unique sculpture garden is worth visiting. The Kim Sacks Gallery is one of its kind galleries as it displays colorful riches and beauty in the form of best quality handicrafts which can also be purchased by the tourists. The Rosebank locality situated in the Northwestern suburb area of Johannesburg is a very happening place as it consists of attractive local shops selling various kinds of unique African artifacts and hotels for comfortable accommodation. The Top of Africa is an observation deck from where the tourists can enjoy a majestic view of Johannesburg. The Johannesburg travel tips available online give the tourists’ proper guidelines on the above mentioned destinations, so that they can set out their priorities before visiting the city.