Explore the City of Dublin with Car Hire Ireland

Ireland is an enchanting country that if you visit once, you will visit again and again. Travelers from all over the world come to see this magical country and to see for real, the beauty that Ireland is. The natural scenic views, the lush green forests and the gorgeous countryside are for sure an enviable site while you are in this country. Make memories for life with your eyes and cameras while you are in Ireland. The castles in Ireland, along with the little beer drinking villages of Dublin are some of the best sites in the world.

While in Ireland, visit the city of Dublin. This is a charming little city and a combination of a Victorian culture with the fast forwardness of the modern world of today. Where you will find a setup of brilliant Georgian houses, you will also find all modern buildings with the chicest infrastructure fit to suit the most cosmopolitan of the cities.

Shopping in Dublin is an incredible experience. Visit the famous Temple Bar and the cobbled streets to buy some of the most beautiful souvenirs only exclusive to Ireland. For some creative Georgian furniture, you can visit Francis Street Arts and their antique stores.Visit Dublin to enjoy the most eclectic nightlife and the most delightful of shopping experiences along with enjoying the festivities and culture that is part of the Irish experience. Especially during the end of the year, when Ireland is gearing up to welcome the New Year, there are plenty of music festivals and cultural events that will buzz you into welcoming the New Year.

New Year’s in Dublin is a beautiful festival that showcases special effects, performances by various Irish singers and pyrotechnics. This two-day festival is a major highlight of Dublin and leads to many Irish pouring in the city to enjoy these festivals. During these festivals, the seasonal markets are at a galore with the Wolfe Tone Square, Temple Bar and Barnardo Square being beautifully lit up.

Dublin is a beautiful place to drive around and so is the whole of Ireland. Where driving throughout Ireland will give your beautiful picturesque views, each place you will witness while driving around in the city of Dublin is like viewing a postcard image. Car hire Ireland is a majorly preferred option due to these reasons. Also, when you go for a car hire Ireland, you can visit the whole country and roam around at your own disposal. You will not feel any limitation that you will feel otherwise with public commutation. Travelling around in your own car is also much cheaper on your pocket and you have freedom to move around.

With car hire Dublin Airport, you can directly pick up your rental car straight from the airport. This will save you on the transfers that are otherwise an expensive option to reach the city. You are free to visit Ireland and Dublin, and with car hire Dublin Airport , you also have the option of dropping the car right there while you leave this magical land.