Difference between a Bed and Breakfast and a Hotel

If you are planning to go on a vacation then you should probably look for a place to stay. You may have tried searching for places online and found some options. You may have seen that there are hotels and B&Bs that you can stay in for instance, but what exactly is the difference between the two? Well, both options offer more than just simple lodging; they also cater to different needs and offer a different type of experience. Here their differences are explained in detail.

They Cater To Different Types of Guests

Travelers can be divided into different categories. There is the sole traveler, the family, the couple, the group of friends and the business traveler.

The sole traveler is pretty self explanatory – he travels by himself. As such he’s more likely to be flexible and open to various different options.

Meanwhile, there is the family. A family is usually looking for different amenities for their entertainment. A hotel room is recommended for families because it has extra amenities such as a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

Then, there is the couple. These types of guest are looking for intimacy and special treatment. Bed and breakfasts are recommended for couples because they offer services such as wine tasting and free chocolates or desserts.

Fourth is the group of friends. They are more likely to benefit from a hotel room because like a family they also require some amenities for their entertainment and are more likely to want to enjoy being sociable where they’re staying.

And finally, there is the business traveler who can stay at any type of lodging. He is traveling for business purposes so the.

As you can see, each of these guests has different needs which can be fulfilled by a particular type of accommodation.

They Offer Different Amenities

As mentioned bed and breakfasts and hotels differ from each other in terms of their amenities. Hotels usually provide general amenities like a room or maid service, a gym or a pool, a jacuzzi, internet access, a laundry area and a concierge while bed and breakfast houses often offer specialized and personal touches like home-baked desserts or truffles, picnic lunches, fresh flowers and afternoon wine tasting.

They Generally Offer a Different Type of Experience

Hotels usually give you a lavish experience with carefully cleaned modern rooms with all the amenities that you need. For hotels, it is all about extravagance. Meanwhile, a bed and breakfast house offers you a more laid-back atmosphere. Instead of giving you an extravagant room, it offers you a room with a homey feel.

They Have Different Prices

Even though hotels offer more services as a rule, bed and breakfast houses can actually be more costly than hotels in some cases. You pay the extra fee for the special treatment. Unlike hotels where every guest is just another guest, a bed and breakfast house treats you more personally and has a smaller turnover. They are also willing to make special arrangements often if you have requests. This is why they are perfect for couples who are on a holiday.

Bed and breakfast houses may be different from hotels but ultimately they provide the same purpose – accommodation. Now that you know what they are, you need to choose. Choose well and you’ll get more out of your stay.