British Airways to Commence Offering Flights Between Leeds Bradford And Heathrow Airports

British Airways and Leeds Bradford Airport customers will have cause to rejoice this winter. At the end of June, airport officials announced that four times daily, direct flights will be offered from LBA to Heathrow, starting in December. Prices as low as 42 are being cited for some flights, which is surely cause for celebration among frugally-minded passengers.

Flights from LBA to Gatwick were discontinued in early 2011, and the airport has not offered hops to Heathrow in over three years. Though travellers needing to reach London or depart from Heathrow can certainly hire a minicab to Gatwick or catch a London taxi to Heathrow, direct flights will be a more convenient option for many. Private passengers are not the only ones excited by LBA’s deal with British Airways. The service is estimated to bring an additional 10 million into the Yorkshire economy.

Direct flights to London will make it much easier for local businesses to connect with Britain’s capital and with international markets, According to LBA’s chief executive, John Parkin. The service will increase the potential for Yorkshire businesses, which include a high percentage of manufacturers, to branch out into more expanding markets as well as those already established. It is also hoped that these connecting flights will bring more investments and tourism into the Yorkshire region.

LBA to Heathrow flights are a top request of airport customers, so British Airways should expect to see a lot of business out of the deal. The BA director of operations pointed out that the four daily flights are scheduled to allow customers to connect with British Airways flights departing Heathrow. Passengers not catching a connecting flight out of Heathrow can simplify their travel plans by hiring a London airport taxi to convey them to any destination in the London area.

While Yorkshire residents will have to take their summer holidays this year without the benefit of direct flights to Heathrow, the service should begin just in time for the Christmas travel season. As Christmas is also the busiest time in many markets, this should be good news for exports from the growing cities of Leeds and Bradford.

The new British Airways flights will probably be in high demand, so if your travel plans call for flying into Heathrow, you should book tickets as early as possible. Unless you plan to immediately catch another British Airways flight, a London airport cab will provide the most reliable and convenient means of traveling between Heathrow and London. Whether visiting the capital on business or enjoying the city’s many sights, a London airport taxi is a practical and enjoyable way to get around.