Basic Guidelines For Tentscanopies

Basic Guidelines for TentsCanopies


– Tent – has sidesflaps

– Canopy – does not have sidesflaps only top

??? Approval from NC Department of Insurance (DOI) is required for all tents over 200 sq. ft. and all canopies over 400 sq. ft.

??? 30 day notice is requested – sending in information early allows ample time for any issues to be resolved. Major issues discovered late in the process may result in cancelled events.

??? Tents must have at least two remote exits. Compliant exits are 72″ wide x 80″ high. If exits are covered, the flap shall be of a contrasting color, hung from a metal rod, and open completely to allow exiting for the full width of the exit.

??? All such structures are to be certified as either being composed of flame resistant material or treated with a flame retardant.

??? All tentscanopies are required to be accessible per the NC Accessibility Code. (It is best to set up tentcanopy on a completely accessible surface such as concrete, brick, or asphalt. If this is not feasible, it should be set up with sidewalks (or some other accessible surface) providing access to areas under the tentcanopy such as buffet lines and seating.)

??? Aisle clearances of at least 44″ must be maintained within the tentcanopy.

??? Smoking is not permitted in tents or canopies per Section 2404.6 of the NC Fire Code.

??? Open flames or other devices emitting flame, fire, heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking devices or any unapproved equipment are not allowed inside or within 20 feet of such structures while open to the public.

??? Fire extinguishers are required. (Available by placing work order with “Fire Protection.”)

??? Please refer to NC State Fire Code Chapter 24 for additional code requirements and guidance.

Required Documentation

Certificate of Flame Resistance. (Request from tent rental company)

Floor plan identifying seating arrangement, means of egress, and any cooking, cooling, heating or electrical equipment. (Request from tent rental company)

Site plan showing tentcanopy location with 20 foot separation between other structures, tents, canopies, parked vehicles, open flames, cooking devices. (Mark tentcanopy location on a campus map)