3 Top Tips To Help You Save Money On Airfares

1. Book your airfare in advance

You will get a better airfare if you book in advance. Airlines need to plan in advance how much space they need for baggage, the amount of food and drink they will need and other such considerations. Booking ahead means the airline has sufficient time to plan their costs in advance. Also, people who book their flights last minute are generally business customers who can afford the higher fares that personal customers can’t.

If you know you will be travelling somewhere on a certain date, or you are planning a vacation or other trip you should book as soon as possible. You should aim to book at least a month in advance or longer if you want to increase your chances of getting a better deal. It varies from airline to airline but you can generally book flights as far in advance as ten months. If you are able to plan your travel this far ahead, or even a few months, you can save yourself some money.

2. Consider using alternative airports or routes

You will increase your chances of finding a cheaper fare if you consider using alternative airports or routes. Most major cities have more than one airport. When searching for airfares, include all possible alternative airports and routes.

Using an alternative airport can save you money however there is one thing in particular that you need to consider before doing so. When looking at alternative airports you need to take into account the cost, as well as the time, to travel there. It could be that the cost of travelling to a further airport outweights the savings on your ticket. When booking your ticket, look at all possible routes in order to get the best deal you can.

3. Look at Where to book tickets online

It is generally cheaper to book your ticket online, but then you have to decide which website you will book through. There are of course the airlines websites. There are also many third party websites you can book through such as expedia, travelocity and priceline.

You can get some good deals through third party websites. However make sure you compare these prices with the airline’s website direct. You might find that the airline’s site comes out cheaper than booking through a third party site.

These tips are just some that can help you save money on your airfares. So take them into consideration if you’re about to book an airline ticket or go travelling in the future.

So remember to help you save on airfares
– Book your ticket in advance.
– Look at using alternative airports/routes.
– Shop around online for the best deals.